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Peoples from zimbabwe who are unable to transfer money from zimbabwe bank to japan directly now can buy without any problem

You just make purchase from japan ( AR TRADING CO.,LTD ) and pay at our local workshop ( Zim Japan Harare )

We always find solutions for our customers :)





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Yamagata Headquarter
2734 Numazawa Oaza, Higashine-shi, Yamagata, 999-3725, Japan
TEL: +81 70 1145 9290
FAX: +81 23 741 4131


We sell and export used cars and auto-parts to over 139 different countries through our ecommerce site. Our main operation, used vehicle export, marked 10,000 vehicles as its monthly export volume and 120,000 vehicles as annual export volume for the latest fiscal year (as of July, 2015). At our headquarters in Yamagata, we operate from purchasing of inventory, exporting the merchandises and taking care of our customers by employees from 10 countries, using 16 different languages every day.